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Providing you with high quality jewels at the lowest prices in the world has been in the heart of our offer since the founding of our company 20 years ago, and is reflected in this guarantee:

We guarantee to beat any legitimate offer, from reputable manufacturers or wholesalers anywhere in the world, for identical products sold for prices lower than what we offer on 925e.com.

Here is how it works:

1.  If you found any of our products sold at lower price on a competitive site, please enable us to beat the competitor’s price by emailing us the following information:
- URL of competitor’s product page.
- Our item code of identical product.
- Any other information you think is necessary for us to serve you promptly.

Email the information to sales@925e.com with the subject “Better Price Guarantee”

2.  We will respond with a counter offer.

3.  Shop for the product on 925e.com and pay the lowest price.

It’s as simple as that! No gimmicks or tricks! It’s just another service to insure you receive the best possible offer from 925e.com.

Some restrictions may apply:

- Please allow us 2 business days to review, compare and approve your request to beat the competitor’s price.

- We do not beat prices advertised on auction sites or on 3rd party sites such as Alibaba.com, Ebay.com etc.

- We do not beat prices of products offered via special offers, temporary offers, combination offers, coupon offers, such as: “Sale”, “Deal of the day”, “Buy 1 get 1” assortments, bundles, etc.

-  We do not beat prices advertised by competitor’s who doesn’t provide clear product information, verifiable company registration, unconditional satisfaction guarantee or other basic information (which is necessary for the process of comparing and to insure the competitor’s offer is legitimate).

- If the competitor’s offer is based on specific conditions such as minimum quantity purchase or long delivery schedule, we reserve the right to apply the same conditions on our pricing.

- We will not beat prices of products offered by competitors below our production costs.

We are here to serve you! Please contact us with your feedback, questions or suggestions.