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SHIPPING, INSURANCE & EXPORT DOCUMENTS will always ship your order with official export documents issued by the Thai Customs department, insured and express delivered, door to door with UPS or the courier of your choice.


To insure you always pay the lowest possible shipping costs, will select the most cost effective courier to deliver your order, from the following carriers:

- UPS: United Parcel Service (default option).     - TNT

- FedEx: Federal Express.                                   - EMS: Express Mail Service.

Delivery Schedule: 3-5 days to your door step.

Please notify of your preferred courier or e-mail us your shipper account.

Please note: over-night delivery is not available for international shipments.


All parcels shipped are insured with CGU or MSIG at the following rates:

$12.00 for parcels valued up to $400.00

$18.00 for parcels valued $401.00 to $1800.00

For parcels over $1,801.00: $18.00 + (0.0075 x the value over $1,800.00)

Example: A shipment valued at $2,800.00 will cost $25.50 to insure.

$18.00 + (0.0075 x $1000) = $25.50

Export Documents for your shipment is an official exporter registered with the Thai Export Department.

Having official export documents will provide you with maximum savings on import duties, authenticate the products and certifies their origin.

Export documents cost US$39.00 per shipment and are fully paid by, that is free for you.