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Welcome to our exciting sterling silver wholesale jewelry and fashion collections.

We are thrilled to have you here and we invite you to create your next silver jewelry collection with us today. To pick and select from the latest global trends and proven best-selling jewelry styles, worn by millions from around the world daily.

Importing your Sterling Silver wholesale jewelry supplies and fashion jewelry from 925e.com is the easiest and most profitable method to purchase and resell sterling silver jewelry nowadays.

925e.com is a designer, manufacturer and registered exporter of sterling silver and handmade jewelry located in the beautiful kingdom of Thailand. In recent years we added to our collections Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry and accessories.

Every month, 925e.com will bring you hundreds of new jewelry designs, so you could refine and add to your collections stunning new jewels to excite and seduce your clients again and again, season after season.

Since our debut 21 years ago, 925e.com has been serving hundreds of successful wholesalers and resellers from around the world - We invite you to join them.

Please contact us with your special wholesale jewelry requirements - we'd love to know you and to service you.

925e.com - Create Your Next Collection With Us.