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Welcome to 925e.com – Serving you is our purpose and pleasure!
Founded in the beautiful Kingdom of Thailand in 1995, 925e.com is a B2B wholesale company dedicated to contributing to the success of jewelers, wholesalers and resellers from around the globe.

We offer a great selection of trendy, fast-selling 925 Sterling Silver and handmade jewelry at the most competitive prices in the world.

As a client of 925e.com you will be served by a friendly team of dedicated professionals who are genuinely interested in supporting your happiness and success.

We hereby invite you to contact Ms. Nicha, our customer service team leader, to establish a long-term win-win business relationship with us.

Phone: +(66 2) 215 4747   Email: service@925e.com

Wholesale Only

As a strictly wholesale company we cater for wholesalers and resellers only - please take a moment to read and familiar yourself with our wholesale supply program.

To enable our production-line prices, we request our clients to meet our minimum order requirements:
•    Minimum first order, mix items: US$800

•    Minimum subsequent orders, mix items: US$350

If at this time US$800 is too high for your first order, please contact us at sales@925e.com so we can make special arrangements regarding your first order.

Ordering Options

According to your needs, you may place 3 types of orders with 925e.com

1. In-stock orders - for products currently in stock – processed & shipped within 2 to 4 business days.

2. Production orders - produced and shipped within 2 to 6 weeks.
    The exact production schedule of each product will be shown at the ordering stage.

3. Sample orders - for products currently in stock – processed and shipped within 2 to 4 days - limited to $100.00 of products.
For more details, please see FAQ section "How to place Sample Orders".

o Step orders are in-stock or production orders, set without specific shipping schedule.
   This ordering option is popular with clients who wish to add several orders into a single shipment.
You may select this option during checkout.

Payment Options
925e.com accepts payments via

•    PayPal
•    Visa
•    MasterCard
•    Bank-to-Bank transfer

Shipping Options

925e.com will always ship your orders insured and express delivered, door to door, with the most cost-effective courier or the courier of your choice.

We use the following couriers:
•    UPS (United Parcel Service)
•    TNT Express
•    FedEx
•    DHL
•    EMS (Express Mail Service)
Delivery schedule: 3-5 days to your door step.
Please notify 925e.com of your preferred courier and email us your shipper account if you have one.
Please note: Over-night delivery is not available for international shipments.

Export Documents

All parcels are shipped with official export documents issued by Thailand's Customs Department.
Official export documents will provide you with maximum savings on import duties, authenticates the products and certifies their origin.
Export documents are fully paid for by 925e.com and provided free for you.


All parcels shipped are insured with CGU or MSIG at the following rates:
•    Shipment value up to US$350 = US$9.00
•    Shipment value US$351 to US$999 = US$12.00
•    Shipment value US$1,000 to US$1,800 = US$18.00
•    Shipment value over US$1,801 = US$18.00 + (0.0075 x value over US$1,800)
Example: A shipment valued at $2,800.00 will cost $25.50 to insure.
$18.00 + (0.0075 x $1000) = $25.50 

Emails about Your Order
After placing your order, 925e.com will communicate to you the status of your order through the following emails:
Email 1. Order confirmation request – Confirmation required
When: Immediately after successful order placement.
Please click the link in the email to confirm your purchase.

925e.com will not process orders which are not confirmed by e-mail.
If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact us by phone or email ASAP.

Email 2. Shipping schedule
When: As soon as we begin processing your order.
Contains information about your payment and the shipping schedule of your order.
Email 3. Shipment details
When: Immediately after we ship your order(s) to you.
Contains a copy of your invoice and the carrier’s waybill number so you can track the delivery of your shipment online.
Email 4. Account activities report
When: One business day after shipment.
This report details your payments, credits, invoices, shipments and your overall balance with 925e.com.
Please read the report and inform us within 7 business days if you find any inaccuracies.
Special Email: Order status report
When: 2 days prior to shipping your order.
This report details the processing status of each item you ordered.
According to your needs, you may place an additional order or advise 925e.com to ship your order immediately. If you don’t reply, we will ship your order as scheduled.
Please note: This report is not available for Sample Orders or In-Stock Orders with 2 days processing schedule.

Receiving Your Order

3-5 days after we shipped your order to you, the courier company will deliver your order to your doorstep.

Import Duties

Your courier also acts as your customs-clearing-agent - if any imports duties are due, the invoice will be handed to you during delivery or posted to you later.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed - Please confirm the arrival of your order.

Please inspect your order as soon as it arrives and kindly Email us a note that the shipment arrived in good condition.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Please contact us within 10 days from shipment arrival date with your feedback and information regarding any issues with our products or services.

Please enjoy the successful selling of your new jewelry collection and contact us whenever necessary…

Please remember that we are always here for you! To serve, assist and help in anyway we can.
We invite you to contact us whenever necessary, with your feedback or with your next order.
Team 925e.com